We provide maintenance optimisation services to clients across the globe with operations within the mining sector. In today’s mining operations, optimal performance is measured by maximising the output of plant, equipment, and processes. Our tailored solutions focus on addressing the risks associated with inadequate maintenance strategies which include unwanted costs, inefficient processes, and poor resource delegation. We are able to develop full lifecycle maintenance strategies proven to minimise the likelihood of unexpected asset failures which are expensive. We help reduce operating costs and also lower total cost of ownership to ensure that profitability is increased.  Our experts provide solutions that help client face challenges like digitisation, innovation, and corporate image management through our holistic maintenance services.


Oil & Gas

We cater for both the upstream and downstream sector in the Oil & Gas industry. Given that most assets are quite mature and nearing their end of life, one particular area we look to address is Process Safety. With sparse resources, balancing the need for plant upgrades with improvements to existing maintenance and spares strategies can result in significant savings. Our experts can provide tailored solutions to maximise asset value, through developing strategies centred on safety and efficiency throughout the assets’ planned lifetimes.


Food & Beverages / Manufacturing

We help businesses achieve optimum returns on asset value, by working together to develop Total Productive Maintenance strategies. In the manufacturing industry, one has the very basic need of producing the highest quality product, in the shortest amount of time, at the lowest possible cost, and in the most responsible manner. Our solutions, such as maximising Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), provide the key to ensuring you get the most out of your assets. Whether it’s consolidating your compliance to SFG20, applying the CIBSE Guide M, or anything else – our experts can revolutionise your business by optimising your operations.


Nuclear & Power Plants

We work with nuclear facilities and power plants to undertake life assessment for critical structures and components, as well as identify and address obsolescence issues. Successful and effective physical asset management is key to addressing life-cycle and degradation issues. The design life of a nuclear plant does not necessarily equate with the physical or technological end-of-life (EOL) in terms of its ability to fulfil safety and electricity production requirements. Optimal’s tailored solutions can help you ahead of refurbishments, licence renewals and ensure compliance with standards at every step of the way.



We work within the Water, Gas Distribution and Power Supply sectors. Whether it’s water treatment, sanitary services or electricity generation, these sectors are often characterised by complex assets that require regular maintenance, in order to support effective functioning of everyday essentials behind the scenes. We have the tools and experience to address the interconnected nature of the assets – whether you are looking at asset performance or management. Our solutions start with defining asset criticality, which is a foundation to successful reliability and productivity improvements. We take pride in taking the holistic approach and considering the spatial context, to allow for effective management of remote or widely dispersed assets.


Chemical & Pharmaceutical

Companies in this sector are faced with the challenge of navigating through a variety of complex regulations in order to minimise risk. In a tough, ever-evolving and competitive environment, asset reliability is key to successful operations. Access to data allows for a meticulous analysis, and forms the basis of successful, comprehensive asset management strategies. However, the production of accurate site-specific data requires spending considerable resources on developing and maintaining extensive databases. Our ability to benchmark across different operations, presents valuable data which we can help you analyse in order to optimise your assets and raise your competitive edge. We can work with you to provide tailored solutions for ensuring compliance with all regulations, while maximising efficiency and value.



We work with the Rail, Road and Shipping sectors, and have a thorough understanding of their unique challenges. Dealing with remote or spatially dispersed assets requires smart solutions that integrate geolocation tools. Furthermore, an ever-increasing regulatory landscape requires an effective governance, risk management, and compliance strategies, in order to keep pace with new legislation and stakeholder expectations. We recognise this and our solutions provide a spatial context, which allows for the effective management of remote or spatially dispersed assets. Our experts are here to help you implement solutions for smart scheduling of maintenance and effective inventory management, so that your assets gain in efficiency and value.

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